Publishing/ Licensing /Distribution & Copyright

A  division  of
Realm  Music  Group  LLC

the key to helping you get your music to industry professionals all around the globe
whether it be for TV/ FILM Soundtracks or to license out for royalties.

PUBLISHING  / Licensing Distribution & Copyright

Trying to get your music seen and heard locally and/ or abroad. 

Want to get your music to a world-renowned singer for them to perform.

The job of a music publisher is to secure commercial recordings
(songs recorded on albums, and used in movies and TV) of the songs in his or her catalogue.

Copyright & Catalogue Publishing $50-$120 per song to register with LOC depending on complexity of registration

Catalogue Publishing  15% min

International Licensing Compilation CD services for marketing your music overseas:  $500 per single/  $1000 per artist +10%
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