Ricki Erik

The Producer

Ricki Erik is a recording artist, singer, songwriter, keyboardist and accomplished guitarist.  He writes and produces most of his own music.  Ricki formerly a South Floridian now resides in Boston, MA

Those who’ve had the opportunity to hear his music, revel in his uniquely crossed artistic structure.  His influences are reality, love, happiness, pain and the overall experience of being human in this thing called “Life.” If Ricki’s music and lyrics have an authentic, gritty sound, it’s for good reason.   This uniquely cross cultured mix of a man includes European influences (born and raised) by Native Jamaica parents his natural heritage that’s unsurprisingly different and emotionally compelling.    Ricki is a new breed of an alternative soulful rocker and a passionate music enthusiast who has the ability to cross genres due to his unique and talented musical abilities and his love for making people feel his music.