Aria Morgan
Written by:  Aria Morgan

Mi know my guy him nah go hurt mi
And cause mi nuh pain
Nuff a we a talk say wi man a use wi, again and again
But its not right to stereotype
Not all are di same
Some a dese guys dem nah go stress ya,
Believe what I say

Verse 1
If you talk to a woman bout har mans ways
Nuff a di time she nuh have nutten good fi say
Him caan stop cheat
Nuh keep di place clean
Eva nah work
Caan protect di turf
Oh yeah


Verse 2
Won't tell u a lie, I have a nice guy
Him loyal and true, Nah tek mi fi fool...
Real big man, Nuh watch nuh face
Him know Nuh lickle yute
Can't tek him place
Tell u say him treat mi right
Tell u say him treat mi right
Mi nah haffi worry, Mi nah haffi fret
Mi know my guy him never dis mi yet

Dont watch you man
Stop stress you man
Nuh mek a next girl tek you man
Jus love you man
And own you man
Mek him know him a number 1

Hey hey
Dem nah go stress ya
Oh oh .....