You Lie

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Aria Morgan

Written by: Jermaine 'Songo' Wilson

U say u luv luv mi but u lie
Cuz when we lef u neva even cry
Say u luv luv mi, u nuh care
Tell u say mi miss u, u not even hear

Verse 1
I remember when we used to happy used to jiggy used to chill
We were good friends
Neva fight neva cuss neva cheat neva fuss
We were good friends until mi c di lickle move dem di shadyness
U start pretend, u bag a lie mek mi cry myself to sleep


Verse 2
All mi want is fi u luv mi up and kiss mi up
Tickle up mi body mek mi feel like a normal somady

But instead say u lie to me gracefully fearful of what I may say or mek u duppy
But mi nah go sit and dwell pon it
Cuz mi hot like a scotch bonnet
No tree nah grow inna mi face, no time mi nah waste
With u bwoy mi soon cut and paste


Don't know what to do, I gave you my all
You were my everything,
You know my mistakes
When I'm asleep and awake
Baby boy I love you dearly, I not goin lie I wish you were near me
But a no so mama grow me
Mi nah go tek nuh batter bruise with no excuse
Mi ago fight fi mi right when mi know say you wrong
And mek you realise
Mi shudda be you numba

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