Real Talk

Aria Morgan
Produced and Written by Aria Morgan

Well you should know by now I'm ARIA MORGAN and I love life and love love, as well the dynamics of relationships. I'm a traditionalist, a christian who believes there can be fulfillment and true happiness in a healthy monogamous romantic relationship once both parties have similar serious intentions.

The title of my album Fulltime Love was not chosen by chance and it's something I believe and encourage others to aim for.

How important it is to prioritize the love of your life, family and friends. Fulltime love means love that's not just there in a crisis, or a special joyous moment but exists consistently through experiences together. We spend too much of our time chasing material posessions and set aside what truly matters.

I encourage you to
- buy or make a sentimental gift for your partner
- exchange a loving word to a sibling
- spend quality time
- just be there to listen
How much more rewarding it is to give than receive.

Sometimes its the simplicity of the goose pimples we get that makes us know when we've found the one and whenever you do, celebrate love, its of God and anyone that loves, knows God. Don't allow anyone or anything to get in the way of that sweet love.
Don't be easily swayed, never give up on that true love because love believes all things, love endures all things, its kind and never boasts.

Learn to trust your partner, learn to talk to your partner, all won't go well and whenever they don't, FORGIVE.

Take things slow, savour the moments that are precious and sentimental, don't take them for granted, we are not promised tommorrow.

Also take time to learn who you are involved with or the one you think you love.  Sometimes the grass appear greener until you get real close to it.  Keep your standards high, ladies we know when we begin to compromise, say goodbye if the union is destroying who you are.

For those of us who have been bitten by hurt and pain, let's not allow bitterness to be our song, not all are the same. To live and never have loved is no achievement so keep trying but whatever you do, ensure that you are happy with yourself in the process. God sees the desires of your heart and will give you what's best.

To all my supporters, fanbase, family, children, my loving partner, keep loving.